Homepage of Werner Stille

On my homepage you will find content on my scientific and leisure activities and on the software I developed.

Scientific work

As a scientist I have mainly been involved in liquid crystals. My investigations relate to both low molar mass and polymeric liquid crystals. The latter can also exist crosslinked as liquid-crystalline elastomers.


A few years ago I started photographing butterflies in the South Baden region of Germany.


The COVID-19 pandemic actually influences human life to an enormous extent. Here I present some own calculations on epidemics on the base of the SEIR model. In addition, here a SEIR model calculator can be found.


For the K Desktop Environment (KDE, https://www.kde.org/), I have in particular developed the program Kpl. It is used for the graphical visualization of data sets and functions. In addition, fits of function parameters to data sets can be performed.

Here several online calculators are provided, implemented in JavaScript. In addition to the already mentioned SEIR model calculator, you can find also a dew point calculator for calculation of the dew point temperature of humid air, a calculator for the times of sunrise and sunset, and an UTM converter for converting of geographic coordinates from longitude and latitude to UTM coordinates and vice versa.